About Us

When we created Mo Drumsticks in 2010 we had no intentions on starting a drumstick company. It was out of necessity that Founder, Thino Cacciolo, tooled his personal sticks to improve and relax his grip while trying to get the most out of them. One thing lead to another and in just a few short months, WE HAVE A GAME CHANGER!
MO DRUMSTICKS® Our one of a kind, Patented, Grooved/Weighted Drumsticks combine machined ergonomic groove(s) filed into the stick at the fulcrum, (the sweet spot of the stick) with a weight distribution system that allows a drummer to customize the mass weight of each stick to match their play. We don't just add weight to the stick, but distribute that weight across the stick! Each drumstick is custom tooled per each drummer's specs giving them the opportunity to reach their full potential. We have reinvented, redesigned and redefined the drumstick so you can rediscover your drumming.

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