Tuesday, December 12, 2017


"A good friend of mine told me about a new "grooved" drum stick her friend invented. I reached out and he sent me two pairs of sticks to try out. I used them Saturday night on my gig with my band For The Record. It took me a little while to get used to them, but by the fourth song, the sticks felt like second nature. The grooves provided a very comfortable grip and awesome control. It was an absolute pleasure to play with them, and I would recommend them to any drummer looking to better their speed, control, and bounce. These sticks are going to revolutionize the drumming community."


"In my evaluation of of the drum sticks provided to me I prefer the single grove over the double, as the double makes me hold onto the stick much too tightly. I note increase performance in a drum roll. I also have a habit of rotating my stick as I play where as the grove tends to act as a anti-rotational feature. Overall the grooved feature is and increase in control and performance."


"As a drummer that has played in all types of bands, from touring to covers, and pit bands to marching, I am always looking for the next great idea to help make my skills as a drummer stronger. When it came to my speed, finding the right stick to get the adequate bounce was one of the key factors. After years of trying a variety of sticks with different and innovative features, I was given the opportunity to try out the grooved drum stick. By simply adding the groove at the fulcrum point of the stick where you usually place your hands, it gives you a tighter grip while loosening up the stick movement.

With my current cover band, playing long sets late into the night can take a toll on a drummer’s hands. With the grooved drum stick it is less stress on my hands while making it easier to attack the drum head. The grooved stick is not only great for seasoned drummers, but for the beginner drummer just starting out. The groove shows where to place your hands on the stick while helping build speed. As a drum teacher as well, I feel these sticks can help students excel in stick control. I have shown the sticks to a select few students and they felt immediate difference and said the groove made for a comfortable grip.

I would recommend the grooved sticks to any drummer looking for better speed and stick control."


"SO! I don't usually try out new sticks @ a gig, but last night in ELmhurst Queens with my band Serial Obsession, I decided to use the groove sticks in the middle of the set for a couple of songs. This was a great test because all drummers know that in the middle of a hot set your hands are sweating and you always think about dropping a stick or losing control,the groove stick definitely passed the test!! As I get more comfortable I will incorporate them more! Thanks!"


"Hey man like the groovy sticks alot! Stay put in those fifty year old fingers when you need them to. They must be flying off the shelves."


"As a young drummer who plays very frequently, I chose to use the single grooved set of drum sticks. I found myself using the groove for my thumb on one hand, and my pointer finger on the other. I locked into the grooves immediately and began to play. They force you to maintain proper grip at all times while your hands are locked in. They felt smooth and natural. Above all the sticks were comfortable and easy to play with. The cool thing is that if you decide for some reason you no longer want the perfect grip or you give the stick to someone who is simply playing a small part such as a cowbell, one can easily put their hands over the groove and have it feel like a normal stick.

Overall I would no doubt recommend these sticks to anyone looking to try something new when it comes to playing the drums. Every drummer should give them a go and try them out for themselves!"


WOW! My Grooved Sticks Felt Awesome.The precision alone was incredible. I love how the Single Grooved 5B improved my speed and execution on the drums. Keep up the good work. I'm a big fan of your Grooved Drumsticks.


"Like most drummers, I’ve tried every type of stick on the market. Until now, I never realized how much I needed these “double-grooved” drum sticks! They’re an incredible tool to use during those gigs where you’re playing for 3-4 hours and your chops have just about had all they can take by the end of the night. These sticks provide you with great comfort, ease, and control in getting around the drum set which lends you to keep the muscles in your fingers and hands holding strong for the entire performance. Furthermore, as an educator these sticks are an incredible tool for teaching young beginners how to properly hold the sticks and ultimately achieve proper technique from the start. The worst thing is when you have a student that comes to you with no ability to control their drumsticks because their hands and fingers are “all over the place.” The grooves get their thumbs and index fingers in the correct position from day one thus obtaining maximum learning potential. For advanced rudimental/marching drummers, the sticks offer an advantage in stick control on the field. Thinking back to my marching band days, I always remember being on the field in the 20-30 degree November weather and my fingers becoming absolutely numb from the cold. At that point, it would take every ounce of ability to not only hold onto the sticks, but hold onto them while playing those intricate marching rhythms. These sticks eliminate that completely while even offering an advantage in playing, as mentioned above. Overall, I could not be more proud to have been able to try these double-grooved drumsticks from Thino and I am excited to see what this grows into. They really are incredible and have proven to be the sticks that I never knew I needed until they were in my hands!"


"I want to thank you for giving the everyday Joe drummer a chance to have something that the pros can only have. I have been playing for 18+ years and I have never found a stick that fits quite like a Mo stick fits. Though heavy hitting is in my nature, I have grasped jazz and free form and turned it into something with my punk / metal background. With these I will be able to hold up to my nickname the "blacksmith". Again, thank you for creating such a revolutionary stick. It changed my life and playing for sure!"


"I got my C. Dudley 137 Xtreme sticks in this week and just did sound check with them!!!! Holy Cow these sticks are great!!! The Xtreme gives me the extra length I like and the ball tip is awesome!! Great control and precision!!!! Thanks so much Thino Cacciolo for these Xtreme sticks. I still love the original 137's so I guess I will have a bag full of both models!!!! If you're drumming and don't have these sticks, do yourself a favor and try them!"


"First off I would like to tell everyone what a great drumstick you can get from www.modrumsticks.com. First you will order a set of set up sticks to set the weights the way you want in the barrel end. They are pre drilled then you just change weights to your style and then order a set of Signature Sticks and there you go custom sticks to your specs. They have helped me for my style of playing. Since I have started using MO Drumsticks, I cant play any other ones."


"The other day I got my first pair of MO Drumsticks 5AW and since then my mind has been absolutely blown. Playing with these sticks you gain a feel of complete comfort and control. From the grooves to place your thumb to the weights you can add within the bottom of the stick, you yourself now create your own stick. Playing with MO Drumsticks I have noticed that my stick control is a lot better, my speed has gotten faster, and my wrist stamina has extended. Definitely the BEST stick I have ever held in my hands. So for now on when it comes to sticks find the groove with MO Drumsticks!" "AoR3467"


"Got my Setups from MO today, and I couldn't be more impressed! Within about an hour I was able to self design a stick that felt like an extension of my arm when played. I am amazed with the quality of the product that MO puts out, and with the wonderful and prompt customer service provided. Rock on MO!"


"Drummers, you must get a pair of these sticks. They are awesome. I got my first pair and it has made a huge difference in my drumming."


"So happy to be a part of a new and growing drumstick company... If you drummers ever get a chance, you should try these. This new technology in drumming is a major breakthrough with the weight being customized just for my personal feel and the grooves in the stick, it allows me maximum control without cramping or fatigue... CHECK'EM OUT....
 MY buddy Thino Cacciolo will be happy to help you achieve any and all of your stickin' desires. Hit him up!!!'
 Drum sticks make it do what it do."


"Thanx Thino Cacciolo for your custom "weight" styicks. They play well. I love them! They give me speed and control. the feel to it is amazing. Thanks you, Thino Cacciolo."


"Arguably the most comfortable I've used for 5As. You definitely have an amazing product."


"I've been playing 40 plus years I turned pro at fourteen and never looked back.. I toured the country from one end to the other and out of the country.. I've played every stick there is out there and let me say this is a game changer. These sticks will make a good drummer great and a beginner drummer better. The balance and fill is par none to any stick on the market today. Best part is you can dial in your on special weight for you to fit your style. I experimented a bit with my wife who does not know now to play, with in minutes I had her doing a single stroke and a buzz roll on the pad incredible!!!!!! Thino you are a genius and I want to thank you, I have fallen in love with playing all over again. Thank you all be sure to get your order in today and be on the look out for my signature stick."


"I just tried out a pair of the grooved weighted sticks and I love them. The double groove sticks fit like a hand in glove. My number is 1257. The durability of them are great; I can pound with them and they take a licking. I am proud to say I have found the perfect pair of sticks. Thanks Thino!"


"I used my drumsticks with the numbered weights for warm ups everyday since I got them. They were awesome! It gave me a lot of control and a lot of different ideas because of the balance. I used them for a drum solo on my past show and I loved them. They were very comfortable to play and strong. Every drummer out there should try them. Thanks Thino"


"Testing out the stick was amazing. The grooves built in were perfect in placement and also were very comfortable. Made my choice easy when I could choose a weight choice myself that was just right for me. Can't wait to start playing now! Special thanks to great founder and fellow drummer for the opportunity."


"So my sticks finally got to Afghanistan... Let me tell you... They feel great! And thanx to the different ways to change the weight and balance of the stick, I can get a lot out of them. Great product you have there my friend."


"Today I had the pleasure of talking to Thino Cacciolo. What.... you don't know the name? Well you will if I have anything to say about it. I had the pleasure of testing out a pair of his sticks. Let me tell you this. You need to contact him and design your own set of sticks. This is a Drummer's dream to not just have a stick but something consistent and dependable. Please support him because he is doing something great for drummers everywhere and he is doing it the right way. Thank you Thino!"


"I have to say these are the most comfortable sticks I have ever played. A lot of extra fills happened last night! I love the double groove fantastic !! Get on board gang Thino has the Stick. Sammy's Stick DG 5AN SR1356"


"Using My new pair of Sticks by Thino Cacciolo. Nice Feel! Sound Awesome. I'm telling you this slick is a Winner! Thank You."


"So, I received a inbox message from Thino Cacciolo asking if I'd be interested in trying out his custom drumsticks. To make a long story short, I received my package and was simply blown away. I've played just about every major brand of stick there is and this one of the best. These sticks are made perfect and they're durable. He has a lot of great ideas for the future of drumming. Please check him out!!! Thanks again Thino!!!


"I put the sticks to the test yesterday. I had to play a bunch of softer musical theater music, heavy metal, and some jazz. They are pretty dang awesome! I move up and down the stick a lot when playing really fast or hard. These work great at knowing exactly where the sweet spot is as you said. I would slip out but be able to get back quickly. I thought they might affect my stick tricks but if anything it's a good stick to train certain spins with because the grooves are right where you'd want to rest your fingers. I prefer the double grooved sticks. I think these are amazing sticks for practice! They help teach proper technique no matter what grip you play. Good for building up jazz ostinato speed and smoothness."
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