Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is The Grooved/Weighted Drum Stick?

Our Patent Pending Grooved/Weighted Custom Drumstick design combines machined groove(s) at the fulcrum, (the sweet spot of the stick) with a weight distribution system that allows a drummer to customize the mass weight of each stick.

What makes this stick different than others?

Sticks and kick pedals connect us drummers to our instrument. In spite of all the advances made to improve our foot play, no one has been able to bring to market a drum stick that is a game changer. That is until now! If you ever had a custom golf club or bowling ball made for you, you know what it did for your play. Now, you can now have a custom designed drum stick made to YOUR specs, not some celebrity drummer, which should help you reach your full potential just by playing them.

What was the motivation in designing The Grooved/Weighted Drum Stick?

Over the past decade, drumming has hit new levels of play. Back in the day, many of us drummers got our hands on some 2B's, turned them backwards and BANGED. With the introduction of the computer, online lessons from drumming giants world-wide enabled drummers of all levels of play exercises and instruction and has produced a whole new generation of very talented "Lightening Fast" drummers of all ages. With greater hand speed and intricate rudimental combinations came the need for an ergonomic balanced drumstick that works as hard as these drummers do. Relaxing the grip, balancing the stick so it gets maximum bounce per hit, (BPH) and customizing the stick to the specs of each individual drummer is an idea who's time has come.

How does adding weight to the stick make it feel lighter?

It's called mass weight distribution. Think of a see-saw in the playground. Put one kid that weights 50 lbs. on one end and another that weights 75 lbs. on the other. What happens? The heavier kid goes down and the lighter kid goes up. Now take a third kid and place them right in the middle of the see-saw and have them inch their way towards the lighter kid. What happens? The see-saw starts to tilt and as soon as the mass weight is re-distributed just enough, you have a perfectly balanced horizontal plain.

OK, that makes sense but what does that have to do with drum sticks?

Most drummers hold their sticks way to low towards the bottom end. As a drummer, during aggressive play like soloing, I would realize that I was holding my sticks by my finger tips. Doesn't make for efficient drumming. Truth is, most drummers do not hold the stick at the optimal pivoting point, the fulcrum, which is the sweet spot of the stick. We hold it way too low which makes us do most of the work, not the stick. By machining a slight groove into the stick which identifies the sweet spot, a drummer can adjust their grip effortlessly by feel, giving them optimal bounce. After muscle memory kicks in, it begins to feel second nature. Now, if you re-distribute the weight mass by inserting weighted inserts into the stick you can bring the fulcrum lower which allows the drummer to bring their grip down. Better balance, lighter grip, less fatigue, greater hand speed, all customized to your specs.

I use grip tape on my sticks and the groove makes the grip feel awkward. Can I leave out the groove and still re-distribute the mass weight?

Our Custom Sticks are all machined by hand. We can leave in or take out any aspect per your specs. Also. ask yourself this...How many drummers go around with just one set of sticks? None. With that in mind, once you feel the difference in your play, you will probably own a few different sets of sticks with different numbers and groove combinations.

How do I get started?

All you need to do is register on this site. Once your free account is created, you can order a pair of "Set-Up" sticks, (1 Single and 1 Double Grooved stick), 14 weighted inserts and tape to secure your weights as you determine your weight preference.